How will England starting 11 look in future?

If you’re looking at the England squad and thinking about how under strength our team is, don’t worry, you aren’t alone. For a country that supposedly produces wonder-kid after wonder-kid how many of these can you see within the current team? None. This has gone a long was to deciding the England odds world cup aficionados will make sure you’re aware.

So of that long list of amazing players England have produced over the years and after the countless “FUTURE STARTING 11” lists we must trawl through tournament after tournament, how many of these players have actually played for England? We decided to take a look.

We looked at the most common players included on these lists from the last 8 years and put them together to see how many times they’ve actually played for the National Team and the results were surprising.

Take Henri Lansbury for example, as a youngster he captained the England Under-21 team, Arsenals Under-21 Team and was an absolute certainty for the big time. Arsene Wenger said he would be a “big player in the future” but whilst plying his trade in the Championship he’s not really be in the England reckoning for his entire career. You also have to consider him off the pitch, rumours circled him whilst he was at Arsenal of his party boy lifestyle and he even allegedly spent some time off the pitch due to illnesses related to kissing the ladies (Glandular Fever).

For a full run-through of this ‘team of the future’, in the future, please have a look at the below infographic:



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