Granit Xhaka fighting political war with football

Arsenal midfielder, Granit Xhaka has been in the midst of controversy since the start of the 2018 FIFA world cup in Russia. His goal celebration against Serbia was one that gathered lot of attention from FIFA and he was sanctioned alongside Xherdan Shaqiri who also did same. The Swiss world cup dreams ended in the round of 16 when they were knocked out by Sweden 1-0.

Despite their world cup dreams being over, controversies have not ceased to follow the Swiss team around and the scape goat for this is majorly Xhaka. The latest is the comment of the Swiss FA’s Secretary General, Alex Miescher. The Swiss official made comments regarding players with dual citizenship representing the country. Claiming that their commitment level can be questioned. One of the players this affect is Xhaka and he’s not taking this as a pinch of salt.

During an interview with Tages-Anzeiger, Alex Miescher said:

“One might have to ask: do we want dual citizens?” “There should be a plan where players with several nationalities could be tied to the Swiss national team at an early stage. It’s an idea that has grown in me…The events with the double eagles have shown that there is a problem.”

Xhaka definitely had an answer for the official when he said: “I hear from his lines that he does not trust double citizens to go to the borders for Switzerland. This goes directly to the address of me and a few others with two nationalities. It sounds to me as I said as if I and my colleagues in Swiss dress would not go to the limit.”

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The Swiss FA also distanced themselves from Miescher’s remarks but there is more to this than what has been seen out in the public. The world cup was just a show of support to a country like Albania and Kosovo when it’s being victimized. Football they say brings us all together, it is however also a tool which can make us express our displeasure about certain things.

The eagle head gesture at the world cup has drawn many people attention to what is happening at that side of the world. Many more google search on what the sign means, how it relate to football and how the game could be able to make a difference there.

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The negative vibe coming from it is against players like Xhaka and Shaqiri is what happens when you take the course of a nation over your head. It is only a matter of time before similar situations spring up at global event.


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