How to kick a soccer Ball High, hard and Far

In football, some basics skills are required from anyone that want to be involve in the game. Sport men and women are expected to learn these basics before they become full professional.

One of the most important basic skills that have to be learnt is how to kick a soccer ball high, hard and far.

In fact, it is the first and most important thing to be learnt. There is now an extra advantage that comes with knowing how to kick a soccer ball high, hard and far away.

Many coaches tend to see you as someone who will be immensely valuable to the team. There are techniques to be learnt if one wants to learn how to kick a soccer ball high, hard and far.

However, before one can learn how to kick a soccer ball high, hard and far, there are the simple skills that predates it. One of such is knowing how to chip the ball.

What this does is that it teaches you how to be able to make a ball high with little force applied to it.

If this can be properly learnt and continuous practiced is done as regards this, there is a very high possibility that learning how to kick the ball high and far will become very easy.

To chip a ball, the player needs to stand behind the ball and the shoulder is slightly tilted to the side in which the ball is intended to be loped to.

Another very important thing to note while trying to chip a ball is that you don’t stand too far away from the ball. The foot that will hit the ball has to be around 1.5 to 2 steps away at the point contact is about to be made with the ball.

The reason for this is to allow proper swing of the ball at the right angle and direction the ball is intended for. When this is done, kicking the ball high and far becomes one of the simple things to learn in the game.

It is worthy to note that the part of the foot that make the contact with the ball has to be the direct base of the big toe.

It is very important to note that what is most important in soccer is technique and not power. Why this is so is because many upcoming players have seen the game from the perspective of power than technique.

A very good illustration of this is when a player want to learn how to kick the ball high and far, he is meant to believe that it’s only through power that he can achieve such high standard in the game.

Even if power is applied to the ball and the ball travels as far has it’s intended, it won’t get to the height intended. To get to such height, special skills is needed.

How to kick football far and high might be a simple thing to learn, but several practice has to be done to achieve the required result at the top level.

Footballers have to be able to master the secret of how to kick the ball far and high as it help get more goal scoring opportunity.

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