Manchester United are faced with a decision to either keep cater taker manager, Ole Gunnar Solkjaer or let him go and appoint a more experience manager. The club is at a crossroad on what decision to make after they let go of Jose Mourinho.

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There are great concerns about making another decision that will not stand for long.  The former Manchester United striker got the job on an interim basis until the end of the season and many have seen him do a good job at Old Trafford. There are however concerns about keeping him for the long term. There are five reasons why he should be let go at the end of the season.



  • Here are for you to consider:
    1. United have brought David Moyes (may not be experienced enough in your eyes), then Louis Van Gaal (I don’t know what you will say about his reputation), then came Jose Mourinho ( will you ever doubt what he has achieved?). all of them have failed.
    2. When Sir Alex got the job in 1986 he was not a big name at that time. it took him 7 years to claim his 1st Premier League title and another 12 and leave Liverpool title drought until his retirement.
    3. If Ole is given the chance to start now, I think he has more resources than Sir Alex had in 1986.
    4. The issue is will the board trust and support him (like you said, some of players are not good enough to be United’s.)

  • It’s not only name recognition that wins good players, let alone titles. In my opinion its inspirational leadership. Ole may not be the greatest tactician but he knows first hand Manchester’s style. Out style is to play disciplined football, moving the ball quickly, passing unselfishly and scoring goals. He should tell Rashford that. We all live for the team and not just for personal glory. Some of the greatest Manchester legends were homegrown. So it does not really matter if the best players prefer big name coaches. As soon as Ole starts winning titles they will beg to join. Give the man a chance to grow into the game. My only reservation is that he seems to have preferences. He will earn more respect by being fair.

  • He is good only need to be given time and funds to buy new players. that will make united be great again. this thing of chasing and chasing managers also would also keep United in the dark room.

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