"Training means nothing, without the will to do whatever is necessary to achieve your goal."

Pro. Soccer Trainers offer the highest quality individual, small group, and team training. When it comes to getting a soccer education, the answer is here. 

Today's game, all they're interested in is the team as a whole. Yet, a team consists of eleven+ individuals who each need attention. Pro. Soccer Trainers provide this attention to skill/s training, the knowledge/expertise, and the understanding, of when & where to apply.

Current United States Soccer Federation National Coaching License

Current United States Soccer Federation Licensed Referee

Current Connecticut High School Certified Referee

Former Greek Professional Player

Former USA Youth National Team Player & Gold Medal Winner

15+ years of training players and teams

100+ championships won by teams trained/coached

350+ individual awards won by trainees

90% of trainees go on to play college                                                                                       

Training Methodology:

The regimen itself implements, F.A.S.T, a method of high intensity training that simulates what the game demands of the players.  

"The strong look for answers, the weak look for excuses."
Established in 2005, Professional Soccer Trainers is soccer training service built from the foundations of a 20-year playing career, the teachings of master trainer, Demitrios Kostelis, and many of my former coaches that helped shape the PST approach taken in player & team development.






















































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